The story of JOYCOTTPET began with a father's search for a loyal companion for his daughter. In his search for a companion, he discovered the love, mission and lifelong dedication that dogs have for people, and that they make the world a better place with their efforts. With this discovery, we create pet products that will harmonize people and pets as our first goal.

JOYCOTTPET was founded in 2021 by a wonderful father who loved his daughter. But our team didn't stop growing! The company consists of a great team of professionals; all animal lovers, who strive to take care of every detail of the entire manufacturing process from production design to quality, as well as the website, social networks, customer service and all the corners that make up the company.

We manufacture in China, which is famous for being the factory of the world. It was here that the first JOYCOTTPET pet was born. We used what we could find on the market, high quality human fabrics to design dog beds for pets. All fabrics are tried and tested by our staff before they are put on the production line.

Currently, we are working hard to expand our market, we don't want to limit ourselves to the Chinese market, we want to recommend our quality products to pet lovers all over the world.

With hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, we turned our dream into reality. Today, we have our own factory and are able to offer high quality pet products at affordable prices. Our commitment is to make people and pets get along better and to provide more comfortable and personalized dog beds for dogs all over the world.

JOYCOTTPET is more than just a brand, every purchase with us is a step towards a better world.
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